Why do you need a unified communications solution?

Each organisation will have one, or several, reasons, so this will always be the first question we ask you.

In a rapidly changing work environment it may be the need or desire to embrace greater flexibility to support different work situations and scenarios for employees.

It could be to increase the effectiveness of individuals by providing more effective ways to communicate with large or remotely dispersed teams.

Or it may be much more specific to the particular needs of your organisation or sector perhaps giving you the ability to align office space in smarter, more efficient ways. This might be aimed at improving service or productivity which can bring a competitive advantage.

Perhaps you are looking to appeal to younger generations who embrace work-life integration, giving choices on how and when they get their work done.

Whether you have a clear vision for the role collaboration and audiovisual solutions can play in your organisation or you have much simpler ambitions, SCC AVS can help you to define exactly what you will need and how you can achieve your goals.

Why do you need SCC AVS?

‘Why?’ will also be the first question you ask us. These are the reasons why we think we are different (or, ‘why we stand out’)

As part of SCC we are not just a piece of your puzzle, we support your complete picture. From Unified Communications through Data Centre, to End User Compute. We are truly unique with end to end in-house capabilities.

We have the expertise, experience, and an envious track record of bringing together top tier technologies, services, applications and devices to connect networks, organisations and their people anywhere, anytime.

We have real specialism in audiovisual and provide solutions and services to many of the UK’s largest public and private sector organisations. Developing powerful unified communication strategies that harmonise AV infrastructure, voice and video collaboration, conferencing and telepresence, telephony and instant messaging.

Being part of SCC’s stable, reliable and well-established and well-resourced IT solutions business with a reputation for excellence, we are stable and reliable. However as a specialist business within SCC, we’re small enough to be really flexible and adaptable.

We care – we offer a very personal service, tailored to your needs. We build long-term relationships and we are passionate about what we do.

Your Challenges

Bringing people and teams together

We all know that we can achieve more by making it easier for people to work together and collaborate instantly, intuitively and effectively. That might mean modernising the workplace, introducing new solutions and working practices, or simply tweaking what’s already in place. This may sound simple enough, but it needs thought, planning and expertise.

Remote, mobile and home working

Individuals and teams need to be just as productive and effective while they are at another location, on the move, or working at home, as they would be in the office. They need to have access to the same tools and resources and communicate with colleagues efficiently and securely.

Making meetings a better experience

Whether they take place in the boardroom, a shared space or a dedicated conference room, meetings should always have meaning and be good use of everyone’s time. The AV in a meeting room needs to enable easy connection and effective presentation and sharing of content for everyone.

Making IT and AV simpler

Managing and supporting IT and audiovisual platforms can be a huge drain on internal resources. With the specialist expertise and managed services capabilities that we have within SCC AVS, we can lift that burden from your shoulders.

Communicating effectively

Communicating messages consistently and with clarity to any audience is always going to be a challenge if you don’t have reliable and high-quality solutions that can deliver the necessary levels of performance and control.

Providing a solid platform

Whatever your vision or ambition, you will always need solid, stable infrastructure and connectivity, upon which you can build AV solutions that will deliver the quality, performance and reliability you need.

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SCC AVS offers a comprehensive range of solutions, services and cutting-edge technologies from leading vendors to meet every aspect of your audiovisual needs.


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